These are some frequently asked questions for this portal.

--Password is not known.
>>Use your registration number if you are eligible to register for SIWES.

--Does it matter if I use uppercase or lowercase numbers in my matric number or reg number to login?
>>No it doesn't matter.Just pick your matriculation number from the list on the username dropdown list and login.

--How do I know I cannot register for SIWES?
>>If your matriculation number is not on the list,then you are ineligible to register for SIWES.Rectify your status in school.

--Who's ADMIN?
>>Your Lecturers,Industry based supervisor,SIWES Coordinator and the administrator only.Students are not expected to login here.You are not an administrative personnel.

--What are the Appropriate Dimensions for Profile Picture and Offer Letter?
>>Profile-picture : Width=176px, Height=219

>>Offer letter : Width=822px, Height=1160